Microneedling is a revolutionary, gentle and effective skin needling treatment that delivers incredible results!

The gentle answer to skin rejuvenation

Meso ME (also known as Meso Vytal and Meso Revitalise) is a type of microneedling which gently abrades the skin with 18 plastic needles at a depth of 0.2mm, which causes a micro-trauma which stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative processes.

Any area of the skin can be treated, but the most popular areas for treatment include:
– The face, throat, décolleté (chest area) and back of the hands.

For the face, this treatment can be combined with Meso+ for maximum results!

The most effective alternative to Botox and injectable fillers available!

Meso+ penetrates the skin with 6-12 metal needles at a depth of 0.2-0.3mm for optimal results.  It is a step up from MesoMe – more intense and more effective for more problematic skin issues such as acne, acne scarring, rosacea and pigmentation (such as age spots or sun damage), and, as a result, gives even longer lasting results.

The treatment process:
Cleanse: to eliminate surface impurities often responsible for blemishes, congested or dull looking skin.

Peel (optional): to promote collagen formation while inhibiting uneven skin tone, addressing acne scars, pigmentation and age spots.
Meso: selected serums are applied with the plastic/metal needle cartridges and gently infused into the skin.
Finish: Aftercare products are applied, which are selected based on your needs.

A course of 6 sessions is initially recommended, the first 4-5 sessions taken weekly, then every 1-2 months to maintain the results. 

Mesotherapy/microneedling is an innovative digital skin needling treatment that enhances the appearance of the skin on the outside, whilst active substances are working hard below the surface to promote collagen and elastin in the skin to give a glowing, smoother and healthier complexion!  It makes incredible visible differences to skin damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and sagging using a needling technique in conjunction with a choice of serums.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Improves spot-prone skin
Helps improve rosacea
Improves the appearance of small scars

Rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful, healthy appearance
Results in a glowing, smoother and healthier complexion

Benefits of Microneedling:
• Instant visual results
• Gentle and precise
• Risk free
• No injectables used
• Minimal downtime
• Refreshes and rejuvenates
• Minimal trauma – maximal effect

What makes Microneedling so effective?
Most skin treatments use products which sit on the surface of the skin and less than 20% of these products will be absorbed.  The visible skin damage actually happens below the surface of the skin and this is also where the repair takes place.  Microneedling substances are applied directly into the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis and here is where the highly effective ingredients target and repair the cause of aging and visual surface skin problems.

Unlike most other treatments it is a mechanised way to deliver active ingredients into the skin with minimal trauma and down time.

Just like other skin needling treatments (such as dermarolling), Microneedling causes a micro trauma to the skin in order to force it into as state of repair.  The body recognises that the skin has been compromised and immediately sends repair tools to the area.  This promotes collagen (the good types 1 and 3) and elastin in the skin. The substances used also help target and repair issues with the skin.

Although there is often a visible difference immediately, the effects of collagen stimulation can take up to one month to make a difference to the appearance of the skin and more problematic skin issues can take longer to treat.

Cell Biologique

I use the Cell Biologique range of products with my Microneedling treatments. The Cell Biologique range is formulated with advanced intelligent ingredients to combat the molecular cause of aging and skin conditions.

Cell Biologique homecare products can be purchased to use at home, these are optional of course, but will improve and extend your results further. I can advise you on what products would be best for you.


Cherry Brightening Peel

A powerful rejuvenating product which promotes collagen formation removing dead skin cells and inhibiting uneven skin tone, for a softer, smoother appearance. It addresses acne scars, pigmentation and age spots.

It is a natural Tyrosinase inhibitor (which causes pigmentation) so brightens and illuminates areas of uneven skin tone.

It contains:

Glycolic acid – which dissolves abnormal cell build-up and improves hydration.

Lactic acid – to further increase hydration, while also increasing the skin’s pliability and flexibility.

Grape skin seed extract – which contains potent antioxidants that help diminish damaging effects of the sun, reduces free radical damage and aids wound healing.

Phyto hyaluronic – providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in wound healing, as well as being a great source of Vitamin B which helps to improve complexion and tone.

Wild cherry extract and pulp – a natural source of vitamin C which lightens the skin and fights free radicals.

Papain – helps slough of dead skin cells, improving skin texture as well as being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Bromelain – further anti-inflammatory benefits which helps to exfoliate while reducing redness.

Rosa mosqueta – contains vitamin A and C which aids in skin renewal and repair, evens out skin tone and hydrates.

This can be done as a stand alone treatment or as part of the MesoME Deluxe and Meso+ Deluxe facials.

For more information on Microneedling and FAQs, click here.